The AN/PVS-7B/D night vision goggle is the current military issue night
vision goggle for the US armed forces.  It is also the preferred choice
of many foreign (NATO) forces. Produced by the hundreds of
thousands, the PVS-7B/D will continue to march on for many years to
come. Built to withstand the rigors of battlefield use the PVS-7B/D was
designed to withstand water immersion and be hands free. Features
include a infrared LED for use in complete darkness and assist in
reading maps, an LED warning light is also built into the unit to remind
the user that the infrared LED can be seen by others who are using
night vision devices. A low battery warning light is also built into the
unit and there is also a high light cutoff which will turn the unit off if it is
left on during daylight conditions. The PVS-7B/D runs on two AA
batteries which power the unit for more than 40 hours. Originally built
around a generation two image tube, the introduction of the
generation three image tube increased the system performance by
more than 50 percent and the tube lifespan by more than 300 percent.
The PVS-7D version was a tube upgrade which increased
performance. For optimum performance, maximum durability, and the
best possible supportability, the AN/PVS-7B is the best choice for law
enforcement, home security, outdoorsmen, boaters, campers, wildlife
studies, or predator control.

PVS-7B/D Single Tube Night Vision Goggle

PVS-7D Special Forces Kit

Single Tube Night Vision Goggle
Generation 3
Military Grade
Highly Supportable
Field Proven
Many Available Accessories
System Specifications
Field of View         40˚
Magnification         one power (1X)
Diopter Adjustment         -6 to +2 Diopters
Eye Relief         15mm
Objective Lens         27mm, f/1.2
Focus Range         25cm to infinity
Power Source         2/AA-Size Batteries
Weight         24 ounces
Size         6"L x 6"W x 3"H
PVS-7D Kit Shown with all accessories

WT-PVS-7D-P-    $3295.00
PR: 1350 MIN, EBI: 6.5 MAX                                                          
S/N: 16.0 MIN, RES: 57 MIN

WT-PVS-7D-P    $3395.00
PR:1750 MIN, EBI: 4.5 MAX                                                          
S/N: 19.0 MIN, RES: 64 MIN

WT-PVS-7D-P+   $3595.00
PR: 2000 MIN, EBI: 2.5 MAX                                                          
S/N: 22.0 MIN, RES: 64 MIN