We develop high performance charging and starting systems for
military and civilian applications, If you have a a military vehicle
we have an alternator or starter for you, from 12 volt
conversions to dual alternator kits and dual voltage alternators,
we have you covered, Many of our products are in use by end
users such as the US Military, Civilians, Plow truck operators,
Many fire departments, Mining operations and more.

We have been doing laser research and development for tactical
applications for years, and have some great new products on
the horizon, we have the Cherokee laser aiming modules in use
and for testing purposes by US Armed forces, and have great
reviews on the Cherokee, we do custom laser work, and sell
laser modules and parts to all qualified end users

We manufacture the Cherokee laser aiming module in red for
daylight applications, and in IR for night vision applications,
and manufacture them in different power levels for different
uses, and all have a lifetime NO BS warranty

We also have been in the development and testing stages of
some new night vision units, PVS-14A units intended for special
operations, military contractors, and for anyone else who will be
doing waterborne night time operations, this unit is good for 66
feet under water, and has a special coating to resist abrasions, it
has a latest generation pinnacle autogated tube, which till now
has been restricted to Govt only sales, but we have made it
available to you also

Our goal is to provide Legal, Safe lasers, quality units that will
stand up to the most harsh environments and to do so at prices
which will be lower than the current manufacturers of lasers