The FLIR ThermoSight® R-Series is the world’s first line
of commercial thermal night vision rifle scopes for non-
game hunting, with models starting at under $3,500.
Compact and easy-to-use, the R-Series delivers rock-
solid thermal imaging for seeing predators and varmints
in zero light.  Thermal scopes work better because they
detect heat instead of light, even with the best night
vision available there is sometimes not enough light to
amplify to see well, thus making the need for
supplemental IR light mandatory

The Flir ThermoSight series need no such add ons to
function in any environment, they install in seconds to
any picatinney rail and mount solidly, they are very
easy to use and are priced as low as $3499.00! which
makes them the best value in Thermal Weapons
sighting on the planet, FLIR has been the #1 leader in
thermal imaging for the military, police, and other
applications, so you can be sure youre getting the best
quality available

These scopes are awesome, work perfectly, are very
usable, reliable, and simple, you wont get a better price
on quality thermal anywhere else
FLIR ThermoSight R
RS32 2.25-9X, 60HZ, 320X240 Resolution    $4499.00