Our 24 volt alternator upgrade kits are the hot ticket for
keeping your military truck putting out good clean power,
we have top quality units, and have chosen components
which allow for durability, and easy to find parts.

We have had numerous emails from people who would like
to have spare parts on hand for their 24 volt upgrade kit,
as well as the 12 volt 189 amp add on kit for their military

Well, we have hard you, and assembled a kit of the most
commonly replaced alternator parts.

We sell these kits for $29.99 shipped, the kit includes
everything you see in the picture to the right, the diode
trio, the voltage regulator, a new set of brushes with wires
and arms, a set of brush holders, and a pin for holding the
brushes in place during assembly, we will be posting a step
by step set of directions with pictures to show how simple
and easy it is to replace parts in our alternator kits

Simply keep these parts in a bag where they will be
protected, and if you are ever in a position where your unit
were to fail out in the field you can quickly, and very easily
change out the malfunctioning part to keep you charging

specify 12, or 24 volt kit when ordering
Kit  $29.99 Shipped