Here at Wolverine Technologies we sell ONLY Mil spec or better parts for all of our night vision equipment, and
all of our complete units are Mil spec, this means when you purchase a part, or system from us you can be
sure that you have the same part, or system that the US Govt gets for the troops on the battle field, the very
latest military technology, Our image intensifier tubes are also the latest technology, we only sell pinnacle
autogated tubes, and all of our units have only pinnacle autogated tubes, we do not charge extra for the best
parts, Here at Wolverine Technologies the best parts available are our standard
Purchase any component and we will install it for free, Thats right, no charge  this includes a
professional cleaning and nitrogen purging of the unit

We have recently upgraded all of our fasteners used on all of our PVS14 monoculars to stainless
steel, this eliminates the corrosion common on standard military and civilian units used in wet
conditions, This is done at no charge to you, all fasteners ordered will automatically be shipped in
stainless material unless we are specifically asked for the lower grade standard Mil Spec fasteners
PVS-14A Kit

This in an entire kit for the PVS-14A Monocular, It contains all parts
needed to build a Mil spec monocular less the image tube, this kit
comes with the J-arm, headgear, rubber daylight cover, and eyecup
PVS-14A 25 MM Eyepiece
PVS-14A Objective Lens
PVS-14A Housing / Late Model, Improved
design, Fits all models
PVS-14 Battery Cap 2X AA, Old Style, used for
discontinued battery packs which use 2 AA batteries
PVS-14 Battery Housing
Old dual AA battery Style, no longer in production by ITT, no longer issued on
PVS-14 units for the military,Part is superceded by the unit in the picture above
PVS-14A Battery Cap 1XAA
PVS-14A Battery Housing, Late Model
New single AA power supply, 40 hour battery life, much
more durable that previous dual AA battery models, current
compatible with all PVS-14 models
PVS-14/14A Eyepiece Lock Ring, One Required
PVS-14/7 Daylight Cover
PVS-14/7 sacrificial Lens
PVS-14/14A Pinnacle Autogated Image Intensifier Tube, State of the art
Previously Unavailable to the Public
PVS-14/14A Close Focus Stop
PVS-14/14A Battery Housing Screw/Stainless
PVS-14/14A Tube Retaining Ring, One Required
PVS-14/14A Light Interference Filter Hard to Find/RARE!
PVS-14/14A O-Ring Seal Set, Eye, Obj, and batt, complete set
PVS-14/14A Gain Knob
PVS-14/14A Switch Knob
PVS-14/14A Shuttered Eye cup
PVS-14/14A Eye Cup
PVS-14/14A Light Pipe
Stainless Steel Purge Screw
Certain Discounts May Apply
PVS-14 Eyepiece Adaptor
Standard Military
Screws into eyepiece, used to mount
the rubber eyecup, used for standard
PVS-14 Eyepiece Adaptor
larger eyecup from a PVS-7B, one
required per monocular
$29.99 Shipped
PVS-14/14A/PVS-7 Objective Lock Ring Fits all models
PVS-14 Picatinney Mount
$69.99 shipped