Installation Instructions For M923A2 Alternator
Some of the photos in these instructions are courtesy of Nickapotes
This is where you need to start, and this is what were
assuming you're looking at, if you still have the old
alternator on the truck.
1. FIRST, release the tension off the belt, this is a must!!
You will notice in the arm of the tensioner there is a
square hole. This hole is meant for inserting a square
The arm is under spring pressure, so be careful here!.

The tensioner arm is in the picture to the left of this
paragraph. It is an aluminum arm mounted on the
engine. The arm has a pulley bolted to the end of it

There is no need to remove the tensioner! Just move it
up, towards the top of the vehicle and hold it there,
while removing the belt, then release slowly.
2. DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! Some people like to tape up the (+) wire to keep from shorting
the wiring out on something metal under the hood, that is up to you, but we do not recommend
this. Then, remove ALL wiring from the vehicle's current alternator. You will only be reinstalling
the TWO FAT wires onto the new woltech alternator. There are 1 or 2 smaller wires on the
alternator, you may tape them up after folding them back. I personally like to use heat shrink
tubing to keep them covered.
3. Remove all three mounting bolts for the alternator, I usually remove the lower front bolt first,
followed by the top two. BE CAREFUL! The alternator is a boat anchor, pretty heavy, its easy to
smash your hands.
This is what you should be looking at
right now. You can see the alternator
bracket right in front of you
FRONT mounting tab of the alternator you will see a
4. Notice in the picture to the left, ON THE BOTTOM
flat bracket. It is green and came in your kit. There is
a hole in both ends of the bracket. The small hole
goes to the engine where your stock bracket is
located, leave this a bit loose. The end with the large
hole goes to the alternator mounting tab that has
thebolt/washer/lock washer screwed into the hole.

Remove your stock flat bracket. Replace it with the
green flat bracket from your kit.
5. The picture on the left shows the alternator
mounted, yours should look identical to this.

Assuming you have the lower flat bracket in place
loosely, you can begin installing the alternator.

If you look at your new alternator you will see the
two front mounting ears or tabs. ONE of them is
marked "TOP", that tab will mount to the front of
the cast iron alternator mounting bracket in your
truck. You will use the stock bolt that came from
that location on the bracket. Once the front bolt is
in place loosely, the alternator will just "hang"
there. Now, you will connect the long flat green
bracket to the front bottom mounting tab of the
alternator, loosely.

You will then attach the rear peg/slotted bracket to
the alternator. First insert the peg into the rear of
the alternator and tighten the bolt. Then, attach
the end of the flat bracket with the single hole to
the rear of the vehicle alternator mount with the
bolt that came from that position. What you
should now be looking at will be identical to the
picture on the left.

Finally, Tighten all of the bolts!
6. There are only two wires that you will need for your
new alternator to operate correctly. They will be
mounted as shown in the picture to the left.

The fat wire, removed from the old alternator which
was just attached to the rear of the old alternator with a
bolt is the GROUND. Install that wire, as shown in the
picture to the left, to the rear of the new alternator. The
position in which you need to mount it is marked GRD
on the case casting. There is a 3/8 bolt screwed into the
hole where the wire needs to be connected. Remove
the bolt and install the wire with the supplied bolt.
There is also an arrow marked onto the rear of the case
with a marker pointing at the ground wire connection
The positive wire connects as shown to the large post with the nut. There is an arrow drawn on
the rear of the case pointing to the (+) or battery wire mounting point