M923A1/M925A1 and similar 5 Ton
Military Truck Alternator Kit
For Trucks with two V Belts/250 Cummins
5 ton trucks can benefit from this you a
replacement alternator that outperforms
the standard military alternator, the
kit includes all of the components
needed for the swap the kit includes the
NEW, Not Rebuilt Alternator, all
nuts/bolts, brackets, and spacers to
this alternator into your military iron in
just a few minutes, This is a bolt in kit,
modifications to your truck are needed,
No clipping of wires, no grinding, and no
busted knuckles, this is a simple
painless kit

All of the brackets are machined from
6061 T6 aircraft aluminum, Or heavy
steel, and guaranteed forever
Kit Includes:
1.  Brand New, Not Rebuilt alternator

2. All brackets required for the installation, all
machined from steel, and

3. All required Nuts, Bolts, Washers, and
Lock Washers

4. Alternator Pulley

5. 5 year warranty on alternator, Lifetime
Warranty on all other

6. The basic alternator kit is a 24 Volt
Internally Regulated alternator
which puts out 70+ amps, much more than
the stock 25 amp units

7. Near 20 pound weight savings over
standard unit which came in the

8. No more paying out the nose for the 175
dollar voltage regulators for
the unreliable military alternators

9. No More Searching For Hard To Find
Alternators, or Parts!

10. Much smaller, and more reliable package

11. We offer a 12 volt conversion alternator
189 Amps

12. This kit allows very good easy access to
the primary fuel filter on the
vehicles, save tons of time and no longer
have the joy of getting a bath
in dirty fuel from the filter!

M923A1 Alt Shown in
Cerakote Finish

Standard finish $255.00

Optional Cerakote finish
$299.00 Shipped
Finish Options