What we sell:

Night Vision, The best available at any price

Lasers, Day or night we have what you need

Military Spec Night Vision Parts and Service from ITT, or Litton

Laser Parts for qualified end users

Thermal Imaging systems for any application

Optics for Military, Tactical, and Hunting applications

Lights, IR, and White Light

All Night Vision and Optical Accessories

We offer technical advice free of charge
What we DO NOT SELL:

Any Tactical Gear From China, No Knock Offs, or Imitations!

We do not sell aftermarket parts for night vision, there are a lot of substandard parts, copied from originals
being sold on ebay, these WILL FAIL YOU, we sell only military spec parts and units

We do not sell night vision parts or units made in Russia, most NV gear found on the market is made in places
like Belarus Russia, and is not up to par if you need the best gear which will not fail you

We will not sell any clone gear, everything you will find on this site is genuine, and comes from the
manufacturer to us, if you order a Leupold scope here, you will get the original, not a cheap Asian copy

We DO NOT SELL any night vision parts or units to anyone out of the US, Period!, so if you are looking for
someone to ship night vision, lasers, optics, or anything else to a place outside of the US borders, you need to
keep surfing elsewhere.
If you are the guy who has to have the best equipment available, because your life or someone
else's life may depend upon it, If you are the guy who has to make the first round count, day or
night out to 1000 yards and beyond, Maybe you are the guy who likes to drive at night for sport or
adventure with no lights, on or off road, maybe you have to hit the predator who has been stalking
your cattle at night, costing you thousands in lost revenue, or just like to hike in the woods at night,
or take some great night time photos, you may be the search and rescue guy who is risking life and
limb to save lives in the worst conditions.

Whatever your profession, or hobby, If you need the best, you have come to the right place
Wolverine Technologies LLC
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We buy, trade, sell, repair, and upgrade the best nightvision in the world, from
military, law enforcement, all civilian uses, and even thermal imaging units

We have the best performing, longest lasting, most advanced units you can find
on the planet

Send us your tired, your poor, Your broken units yearning to shine
bright; The wretched refuse of your equipment cache, Send these,
the dim, burned out, cracked, Tempest-tossed to us for a great
discount on the best Mil-Spec night vision, at the best prices
We sell the new IR Hunter brand of thermal scopes
and clip on sights, check them out here!!!!
DUAL VOLTAGE ALTERNATOR for military trucks, 12 Volt
and 24 Volt output simultaneously!

It can be fitted to any of the military 2.5 ton, 5 ton, Stewart
and Stevenson LMTV 2.5 and 5 ton trucks as well as many
other military vehicles, Click the picture for more information